Early Christmas Decoration Store Rage


On a recent trip to a local shop
In the seasonal’s aisle I had to stop.
It’s only September but all I could see,
Was a huge pile of Christmas trees.

Now I know it’s getting dark in the morning,
As later and later the sun is dawning.
But surely it’s too early for the shops,
To be displaying their Christmas stock.

There’s still important dates to come, I mean
We’ve not yet celebrated Halloween.
Plus to me Christmas decorations aren’t right,
To be on shop shelves before Bonfire Night.

So I marched the manager down the aisle,
He looked, then gave me an insincere smile.
Ignoring my rampant protestations
That it’s too early for Christmas decorations.

The manager didn’t seem apologetic at all,
He replied, ” I’ll sell what I want, it’s my store.
And anyway it’s not too early if the truth be said.”
Pointing out his display of Easter eggs.

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