Where to buy my new book Poems on the Bus

Last Saturday I launched my third poetry collection “Poems on the Bus” at Southcart Books in Walsall. I’m pleased to say it was a great afternoon, with wonderful poetry and music from a brilliant selection of local performers.


Richard Archer and fellow performers at Southcart Books. From left to right Paul Elwell, me, Jess Law, Christine Loch, Marianne Burgess, Dan Oram, Lagriff and Katy Jay. Photo courtesy of Southcart Books

A big thank you to all who came, Marianne who co-hosted with me and to Southcart Books for allowing me to launch in their great shop. I’ll put some links at the end of this article of all those involved who can be found on the internet so you can enjoy and support their work.

So onto the book, it’s currently available as a paperback on Lulu.com, if you want a digital version I am converting the file for upload as a Kindle book which should be done soon. The book is also available at Southcart Books, which if you’re in Walsall is well worth a visit.

So click here to go to Lulu to get a copy of the book 

Jess Law’s great Music can be found here.
Marianne’s book is available here.
The fabulous tunes from Katy Jay are here.
Southcart Books is here
Links to the talented cover photographer Andy Simon and model Emma Dunn can be found here.

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