Stream of Consciousness


Flowing moving, never stopping,
quick and slow, I go with the flow.

Past toads and toes,
navigating boulders and boats,
drifting by locks and lakes.
No time to stop,
my impatient tides wait for nothing.

Turbulent, dynamic, crashing, unstoppable.
Then in the time it takes to make a splash I slow,
letting sparkling motes of sunshine ripple on my surface.

Passing under curved branches and bowed trees
my depths turn into shadowy stygian secrets,
impenetrable to observation, reflections lost in my bleak maelstrom,
hidden currents that could tangle the unwary.

I’m an uncaring erosive power, boldly forging new trails before

Until I finally meet with the sea in a salty embrace,
finding peace at last in the cool whitecaps of my family.
But you can’t tie me down my flux is restless I long to be…

Flowing moving, never stopping,
quick and slow, going with the flow.




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