It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow, here’s how to get involved


Tomorrow, Thursday 6th October is National Poetry Day and it’s dead easy to get involved, here’s how.

The theme of the day is messages, so why not send a poetic message via Twitter, Facebook, your blog or whatever way you see fit.

Stuck for ideas, check out the National Poetry Day website here. You can also use the site to find events related to the day near you and a whole host of great poetry related resources.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalPoetryDay if you share your message and follow National Poetry Day on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up with the fun during the day.

I’ll be joining in just like I did last year when the theme was light.

So comeback tomorrow for National Poetry Day and don’t forget to share your messages.


2 thoughts on “It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow, here’s how to get involved

  1. I wish it was National Poetry Month, a day is too short to read all the amazing poetry that people, including yourself, have put out there! I think my English Lit teacher would be very proud that I managed to write this reply, let alone anything else!

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    • We could indeed do with a monthly poetry day but if you write or read poetry really every day is national poetry day 😄 I’m glad you enjoyed the poetry thank you for your kind words.

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