City Beat


There is a secret heart
That nestles at the center of the city.
Which with its rhythmical
Urban pulse and beat,
Reinforces all that it is

The beat triggers the cities arteries,
Its roads and pavements,
To surge into action.
Feet pound, tyres squeal,
Engines roar and voices rise.

The beat is the signal for change,
High-vis white cells respond.
The city is reduced to rubble
Only to reappear as the heart beats again.
Rising and falling before your eyes.

The beat calls to the city’s lifeblood,
Its myriad inhabitants.
This is a place where all are welcome,
A vibrant multicultural smorgasbord
No one is ever turned away.

All these parts of the city
Contribute to its rich DNA.
Uniquely powerful strands.
That when fused together
Create the complex world around you.


Dedicated to Birmingham UK , my second home.

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