Curse your sudden but inevitable turn to poetry

When I first thought of stepping on to a stage
my mind was screaming that I was a fake,
and if I did share my poems, them my time would come
and my imposter syndrome would be discovered by everyone.

So I decided I needed a disguise to look the part
I got tattoos on both of my arms.
I sprouted a hipsterish beard on my chin,
Now I was certain I was safe, but where should I begin?

You see I get tongue-tied if I wax political
embarrassed if I try to be satirical.
So I thought hard on what lines my rhymes should take
What could I with my mere words hope to create?

So I just wrote down all the crap that’s in my head
All the stuff that each night keeps me awake in bed.
All the stress and garbage that’s commonplace to me
I tried to capture in poetry.

But I found all the hurt and anger hard to maintain
Unloading the dirty laundry hiding in my brain.
Poems about my life isn’t really what I think folk would like to hear
I switched tack and tried hard to come up with new ideas.

I decided to write poetry on more pleasant themes
Beer, gin, family even pork scratchings.
Poems about the simple joy of binge watching the TV
These I founds were the words that best suited me.

So that’s my poetical manifesto
here I stand in my disguise giving it a go.
I feel like a changed man with what I decided to try,
But remember, I’m a poet and I always lie.

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