What if you just didn’t feel like you can smile?
What if for you happiness feels like a trial?
What if you feel for your own real reasons,
You can’t be one of life’s shiny happy people.
Would you think to fit in that you had to fake it,
Put on a false smile that makes your face ache.
Hoping to fool people you’re the life and soul,
But worried that if the truth is told.
That if you confess to friends your real mental state,
That if you reveal you don’t think life is great.
As you tell them each day what you go through
Your so-called friends will harshly judge you.
Because of this each day you try to hide,
All the emotions slowly killing you inside.
So each morning you put on your familiar suit of lies,
Hoping that today no one will see through your disguise.

Another poem inspired by Dr Who, the time the episode “Smile,” where to give away that you were feeling sad might lead to your death. A world where you must smile despite all that is going on around you can resonate.

Here’s a link to my poem based on the Dr Who Episode “The Pilot”

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