Freedom – You don’t miss it until it’s gone. A poem for National Poetry Day

Freedom is reading your favourite book until you fall asleep,
without having to stop as censors have chopped out the “harmful bits.”

Freedom is walking wherever your feet fancy taking you,
and not finding your path blocked by someone in uniform.

Freedom is singing along at the top of your voice to a much-loved song,
not having to worry about being reported as antisocial.

Freedom is being able to write whatever you feel,
never worrying about a knock on your door in the dead of night.

Freedom is falling helplessly in love with whoever your heart chooses,
with no fear of being blindfolded and stood against a wall.

5 thoughts on “Freedom – You don’t miss it until it’s gone. A poem for National Poetry Day

  1. I usually avoid getting political, and I am having a job to get this to scan so I think I will have a re-think on mine.


    Freedom’s just another word,
    For nothing left to lose.
    Freedom’s something that dies,
    Unless it’s being used.

    Freedom is the word,
    That fronts the barricade,
    It steels the rebels spirit
    For the fight that he has made.

    Freedom is the word that,
    Herald’s every cause,
    Freedom is the very word,
    An excuse for all those wars.

    Freedom is a powerful word,
    Says the small print underneath.
    Freedom is the dream of all,
    But will it ever win the peace ?

    Peter Wilkes
    Nicked the first two lines from Kris Kristoffersn: Me and Bobby McGee.

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