A Poem for Breakfast at the Verve Poetry Ferstival

This year I had the pleasure of hosting a performance of poetry from the Birmingham Stanza Poetry group at the Verve Poetry Festival held at Waterstones. It was a great morning with a  lot of talented poets performing, here’s one of my contributions that I wrote specially for the event, Poetry Breakfast.

We’ve got for your pleasure…

Poetry hot from the grill
sizzling, steaming, spitting, sensations.
As you partake
fatty odes and greasy sonnets will
smear your lips, dribble
down your chin forming
a glorious mess, that you will
want to devour again
and again and again.

Poetry smoothies,
stories and dreams, whirling,
dancing and blending together.
Then served with love and
garnished with inspiration.

Poems as sharp and bitter as
the first cup of coffee of the day.
Refrains that cut through your senses
jolting you out of your seat
with their raw power.

Or poems as cool as milk straight
from the fridge. Pure, organic,
fresh words, that you gulp
down with relish,
smacking your lips.

I have heard that some people skip breakfast,
they don’t know what they are missing

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