Persona Non Grata charity collection

I’m very pleased to announce I have a poem in the forthcoming charity anthology “Persona Non Grata” published by Fly on the Wall Poetry and edited by Isabelle Kenyon.

Copies of the book can be pre-ordered here and money raised goes to support Shelter and Crisis Aid UK

Autumn is the Season of Fire

Everything burns in autumn,
as nature lets loose
its pyromania.
Searing orange sunsets
light up crimson trees
which drip flaming yellow leaves,
to fuel this seasonal funeral pyre.
In the morning children
happily kick at crackling piles
of ash carpeted on the pavement.
As nature prepares to
take a match to the sagging boughs
they scamper underneath.

Night Ferry to Cherbourg

Lit only by Indistinct pricks of bobbing light
the Styx like water whispers of a dark crossing to come.
I board the ferry like a spirit
gliding through its many bars, where
bonhomie orders just one more nightcap until
it slips down it’s chair into sleep,
mumbling to itself face down on a table.

I too want to be cast adrift intro slumber but
with each dip and fall of the boat
I feel like I am alone and flailing
in troubled waters.
Like a solitary sailor or channel swimmer
I’m valiantly pushing forward forcing
a tired body to execute stroke after stroke,
leaving me breathless but
knowing that this ceaseless labour
is bringing me closer to you my love.