Easter is Coming, Brace Yourself

According to my local supermarket
Easter always starts
at exactly 9am on Boxing Day.
This is when the creased wrapping paper
and half-pulled crackers are
tossed unceremoniously into
the store’s reduced aisle
and pushing them aside
showing no mercy
comes the inevitable tide of chocolate eggs.

So you could easily be fooled into
thinking that Easter is imminent and
to confuse matters more the weather
decides it would be fun to be unseasonal as well.
Unexpected sunshine plays tricks
making you believe it’s time to put
your winter coat away.
Then the cold weather returns with a snap
violently blasting waves of wintry wind
while the rain beats a tattoo on windows and roof

So the only thoughts in my chilly brain
when Easter really arrives are
that I’m getting sick of the unpredictable weather and
I’m also horrified to discover that I’m
growing sick of the chocolate mountain in my house.
Although I reckon that when Easter departs
I’ll probably still be sick of the weather
But I know one thing is certain
I will never stay sick
of chocolate eggs.

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