Do You Want to Live Forever?

She asked me.
“Do you want to live forever?”

“Interesting question.” I said.
It’s a tempting offer.
What if you did make me immortal,
able to defy death,
outlive everyone I hate and dance on their graves.
Happy, until the time comes when
I see my wife die, then my daughter die, then her daughter die.
At what point I wonder would my feelings die?”

She laughed then said.
“You could see Empires fall,
civilisation crumble and this planet crack and burn.
And you worry about three people.
One day you will stand at your families graves
and you will struggle to remember what they looked like and
who they even were. You will walk away
unsure of why you have a bunch of roses in your hands.”

“You say I could see this planet crack and burn.” I said.
But if this world remains as shit as it is now
that is going to be a long wait.
And you say I will be uncaring| just staring at the stars
while around me injustice spreads like cancer.”

She slowly smiled licking her teeth.
“You will have power, you could be the force that changes it all.
You could feed on the rich, pull them down screaming
from their ivory towers, bring justice and liberate the poor.”

“Though once the rich are gone. “I replied.
“All that will be left to feed on is the poor.
Can I still make this world a paradise then,
and what paradise has ever welcomed monsters?”

“You asked me if I wanted to live forever.
Putting my life on pause while the world carries on around me
where memories become sand I can never hold
the king of a broken world sitting on a throne of the dead
Only wanting to be a saviour but never able to shed the name monster.
I think you know my answer.”

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