The Intolerant Cow an interview with poet Marianne Burgess

It’s always great news when you hear one of your favourite poets has a new collection out, so when I heard Marianne Burgess was launching her new poetry book, ” The Intolerant Cow,” not only was I very excited but I thought it was the right time to fire her a few questions about her poetry and more. Interesting fact I met Marianne through her husband Scott who I once had the pleasure of working with a few yeas ago, more on him later.

Marianne will launch her book at the Café Grande in Dudley on Wednesday 31st, now on with the chat.

Q. Can you tell readers more about your new book the Intolerant Cow? Where did the title come from and what poems can folk find inside?

The Intolerant Cow’ is a great title don’t you think?! I was having coffee with my friend Jill and she was having a bit of a moan , about how as she is getting older she feels she is becoming more intolerant – she turned to me and said ‘I’m such an intolerant cow!’; voila! The title was born! It is a collection of my funnier poems.

Q.You write a lot of poems about your husband, does he enjoy them and what’s your favourite poem you’ve written about him and why is it your favourite ?

Yes Scott, bless him, takes a lot of flack from me ! I think he secretly likes the attention to be honest – and I always run them past him before I ever share them with an audience.
I think his favourite is ‘Vampire’. This was born from the fact that he favours staying indoors even when it’s a nice day; he has pale skin and I once joked that he must secretly be a vampire! I mean coupled with the fact that he absolutely hates garlic and can smell it from miles away….there may be some truth in the poem after all.

Q. When did your love for writing poetry start, how was your journey from writing to performing to where you are now?

I wrote my first poem when I was about 8. It was a simple ‘Roses are red violets are blue, I love my Mummy and she lives me too!’
Poetry has always been a very important part of my life. I write to highlight important events as well as every day stuff – I even wrote poems a few hours after the birth of my children!

Q. Life can be cruel imagine you are stuck on a desert island and have only one book of poetry with you. What Book would you take and why?

Just one poetry book…that’s hard….I guess it would have to be either John Cooper Clarke’s, ‘Life In An Open Necked Shirt’ or a collection of Pam Ayres work….or ‘The Toll’ by Luke Wright….oh dear thats 3……sorry!
I met Pam Ayres after her show in Scarborough around 6 years ago – she told me to never give up on my dream. She was lovely and very down to earth. She is probably my biggest influence.

The fantastic cover to Marianne’s new book

Q. After the launch of your book what are your future poetry plans?

After ‘The Intolerant Cow’ I would like to concentrate on the performance side as well as writing poetry aimed at Primary School age.
I think the best thing you can teach kids is self esteem. The highlight of mental health problems currently shows that many children unfortunately do not possess this…I think pressure from social media has a lot to do with this. My ultimate aim would now be to take this kind of poetry into schools to support children’s well being.

Q.Where can folk find you online and read more of your work?

I do have a blog – imaginatively called ‘Marianne Burgess Poetry Blog’…although it is not really up to date. These days I put some poems on my Face Book page; ultimately I would like people to read my poems through my books which are available on Amazon, or to come and watch me perform.

You can buy Marianne’s book by clicking here

The Intolerant Cow is published by Burdizzo bards

A big thank you to Marianne for taking the time to answer my questions, if you enjoyed the video it as part of The Black Country Broadsheet project from the talented minds of Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists, check out more great videos here.


This interview was carried out by Richard Archer for his blog Poems and More. If you copy and paste this article into another blog site please have the decency to leave this sentence in instead of reposting it as your own work.

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