DDOcast 233


DDOcast episode 233 is up and ready to listen to via my sidebar link. I also put in a surprise segment with some poetic competition entries which you can listen to by the link below.


competition time

DDOcast 229

ddo poetry corner 49

DDOcast 228

Comments on the Risia ice games this week and if you haven’t heard there is also some sad news. Next week will be my last DDOcast poetry corner and then once Skagtravaganza is done I am retiring from the DDO poetry business, the reason behind this is simply after a year I feel my inspiration is running dry and I need to recharge my creative batteries. Watch for news of my next project coming soon on this site.

ddo poetry corner 48

DDOcast 227

Bit behind on the old blogging this week, tomorrows poem will explain why. Anyway here is this weeks DDOcast poetry segment about scorpions.

ddo poetry corner 47

DDO cast 226

First of all please take the time to admire the new DDOcast logo designed by the very talented  Drew Pocza, I love it and look forward to proudly wearing it on my chest soon.

Anyway this weeks poem was a request from Steiner Davion for a poem about troglodytes with particular reference to their smell. So click the link to download my poem or follow the link to DDOcast in my sidebar to listen to the whole show.

ddo poetry corner 46

DDO Cast 225

This week my poetry segment on DDOcast sees me channel the spirit of Bob Dylan for a little ditty entitled ” All along the necropolis. ”

Download the song from the link below or listen to the whole show via the link on my sidebar.

ddo poetry corner 45

DDO Cast 224

Cover your ears this week as I regale you with a DDO drinking song !

ddo poetry corner 44

DDO Cast 223

This week my DDO poetry cast segment is about the show’s producer Anne Trent. She is a lady of many talents not the least of which is producing DDO cast and overhauling the DDO cast website and giving it a shiny new look.

My poem can be downloaded via the link below or if you would like to listen to the whole show follow the link in my sidebar to the DDO cast site. While you are there you can also listen to their excellent remix of my poem ” traps don’t kill players, Kobolds do. ”

ddo poetry corner 43

DDO Cast 222

Another week another DDO cast by the excellent Sig and Anne. If you listen to the podcast ( available via my sidebar links ) you are in for a double treat as not only is my usual poem available but one of my other poems has been re-recorded by the talented Anne and graces the opening of the show.

If you just want to listen to my segment just click the link below.

ddo poetry corner 42

Enjoyed the poem? Then check out my complete audio poetry archive from the link above.

DDO cast 219.

This may seem a bit strange but this weeks poem sees me moan on about how recently playing DDO has been doing my head in. Strange words you may think for a poet who does DDO related poetry on a DDO podcast but let me explain. Too much of something you love can easily make the love turn to hate, it’s not rocket science. I wouldn’t say I hate DDO but sometimes you need to cut your playing time down to once a week just to purge your system then when you realise you are missing it start the overkill again ! Now if only I could take the same approach to beer and cake ?

Click on the link below to listen to my segment or follow the link for DDO cast in my sidebar to listen to the whole show.

ddo poetry corner 39