Brain Donor










I’m really worried about my brain,
As lately it’s use to me causes doubt.
So I popped in to see my Doctor,
Who told me it had to come out.

Unsurprisingly I stopped in my tracks,
And said to the doc “how can you tell?
And I’d really like a second opinion.”
“OK sir,” he said “you’re ugly as well.”

The doc explained, “if your brains no use,
And about it you become a moaner.
Then a brain transplant patient applies,
And you become a brain donor.”

So it’s bye-bye to my cortex,
Farewell to my neurological mass.
Goodbye to my little grey cells,
I hope my brains loss will soon pass.

And now in between my ears,
Replacing that I had to discard.
Is a mobile phone ten quid special,
One gigabyte sim card.

So now I never get upset,
I don’t miss my brain, I’m not glum.
I smile and drool all day long,
Happily comfortably numb.

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