You to me are perfect
While I think I’m no good.
So I’ll try to correct this
As anyone should.
I’m going to change my life
Just you wait and see.
Then I hope you’ll be my wife
Because perfect I’m going to be.
I will give up drinking,
I will do the washing up,
I will give up bath time singing,
I will put your new shelves up.
I’ll feed your cat for you.
I’ll wash your car for you.
I’ll paint your house for you.
I’ll have a child with you.

I’ll get up early make your favorite breakfast, you know the one I don’t like and put it on a tray with a red rose and glass of orange juice and wake you sweetly with it in my hands.


The problem is I’m not perfect
Where as you are just so good.
You might want to correct this
As anyone should.
So I’ll let you change my life
So I can surely see.
That you will be my wife
Because perfect I’m going to be

I will try hard to get fit,
I will stand in shopping queues,
I will stay off the Internet a bit,
I will pretend I like your new shoes.
I’ll be nice to your parents for you.
I’ll watch chick flicks with you.
I’ll fight anyone who annoys you.
I’ll provide alibis to the police for you.
And I’ll secretly murder anyone you don’t like and bury them at midnight in a shallow grave in the woods so they will never bother you again.


You will tell me if you think I’m trying too hard?