Waking up on a December Morning.

Dedicated to anyone who at the moment like me, wakes up and it’s dark, goes to work and it’s dark, sees the sun briefly through their office window and then travels home in the dark.

Stumbling out of my warm bed
Trying to clear my drowsy head,
The heating struggles into life
And I try not to disturb the wife.
Memory fades of duvet’s warmth
Stifling my customary yawn,
I shiver in the colds embrace
As for my clothes I look and race.
Creep downstairs, survey the day
Drowsiness feels here to stay,
Nuke my cereal, burn the toast
Still on autopilot I coast.
Out of the door to the bus stop
Fumbling with my I-pod,
As the music hits my ears
My drowsiness starts to clear.
And despite all this, I smile
As its one less day till I retire.