It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow, here’s how you can join in.

On September 28th National Poetry Day is taking place and if you’re a poet you’re certainly want to know how to get involved.

Taking part is as simple or complicated as you want it to be. The theme for this years day is Freedom, simply share a poem with this theme on September 28th and you have done your part. If you want to go one step further here’s some ideas, you could organise a poetry reading of as many people as you want, leave your poems on a bus for all to enjoy or share your love of words with your work colleagues. The choice is yours.

The National Poetry Day website has a ton of free resources and information you might find useful, just click here to see them.

I’ll be celebrating with a poem and I’m also hosting a National Poetry Day Open mic on September 30th at my local bookshop Southcart Books, full details here.

Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the day, here’s some links to my previous National Poetry Day poems.

My 2015 poem on the theme of light.

My 2016 poem on the theme of messages.