Unstructured Graffiti


I swallowed a dictionary
Page by page
Then vomited it back up.
I wanted see if the words
Would emerge making sense.

My outpouring became
Unstructured graffiti.
Dripping down walls
Sliding and merging

Ignoring my stained clothes
Dripping and forming puddles round my feet
I tried to make sense of this chaos.
But there was no order
No matter how close I looked.

Surrounded by bile
I admitted defeat.
I shook the words from my hands
Then went home
Hungry again.

Kam 4 Tony B 4 Eva


Kam 4 Tony B 4 eva
Sprayed on an underpass wall.
Love so boldly declared,
With a vandal’s scrawl.

Kam 4 Tony B 4 eva,
Does either of them know.
Of this spray painted statement,
That has put their love on show.

Kam 4 Tony B 4 eva,
Will people cry?
If they separate
Before the paint is dry.


Based on an actual piece of graffiti I used to see until the council recently painted over it.