Snow, Snow, Wonderful Snow.

For any commuter delayed today on their journey

( Apologies to the original writers of mud glorious mud ! )

A cold commuter was standing one day
At the bus stop that was near his abode.
He gazed at the snow that peacefully lay
Clogging the paths and the roads.
Backed up the traffic all stood still
Of a bus there was no sight.
The commuter tried to ignore the chill
As he wished for a bus on which to alight.

Snow, snow, wonderful snow
Nothing quite like it to make things go slow.
So follow me don’t stop, down to the bus stop
And there let us shiver in wonderful snow.

Now more commuters began to arrive
At the bus stop that had no bus.
Like worker bees that can’t reach the hive
They began to grumble and fuss.
And still the snow continued to fall
And the roads get more backed up.
As lorries and cars tried not to stall
And still there was no sign of a bus.

Snow, snow, bloody awful snow,
Britain is now on a giant go slow.
So follow me don’t dither, try not to shiver,
As we wait for a bus in the wonderful snow.