Music is the New Religion

God is on the turntables
spinning the world
to a beat only they understand.
Every night thunder reverberates
like a deep bassline,
then when the stars
break through the clouds like strobes,
everyone pumps their fist
and starts to dance.
All high on euphoria,
all convinced they can feel a sacred rhythm,
all convinced they are moving closer to God.
Who cares nothing for this new congregation,
cares nothing for their adoration,
only caring that the world keeps spinning
to a beat only they understand.


Poetry’s the New Rock and Roll

50s Elvis Silhouette with Mic Stand 2

Poetry’s the new rock and roll,
Can’t you feel it in your soul?
It’s the new craze for boys and girls,
Poetry’s going to take over the world.

Pop stars are yesterdays news,
It’s poets people now choose.
They want words that aren’t dumbed down,
Simon Cowell’s had to leave town.

Now everyone has a goatee beard,
Even the girls which is cute not weird.
Everyone reads poetry all day,
“The world’s rhyme crazy,” the papers say.

Statues of poets are being raised,
Their birthdays are now holidays.
National Poetry day’s all the time,
Other stars frequent dole lines.

Sadly as this poems speaks to you,
You know it’s words aren’t true.
You have a thought that leaves you cold,
Poetry really isn’t the new rock and roll.

Although we know that we don’t care,
Because our words we will still share.
Poetry may not be the new rock and roll,
But I prefer it if the truth be told.