Enjoy Word Stafford’s Poetic Vision Film

I’m very pleased to be featured in this marvelous video from the talented team at Word Stafford that was put together for National Poetry Day. The video features a selection of photos from talented local photographers and some amazing responses from poets about these pictures. Enjoy.

2020 Vision

When the TV preaches the world’s changed
you have to check out of your window,
yet no matter how carefully you look
nothing seems to have altered
in spite of all the media bleating,
you wonder if you’re looking hard enough.
Venturing outside warily
you observe a quiet new world
full of cautious people,
darting across muted roads
rather than cross your path.
So you scurry home to
renew an old acquaintanceship with indolence,
time to re-examine yourself
through the bottoms of empty bottles,
willing your inner flame to re-ignite
cautious of being burnt again.
Until you stir from your sofa of despondency
more albatross than phoenix
circling the world, observing,
squawking, unable to be heard
above the rising storm,
of failing and flailing leadership.
You settle on just looking,
looking for the reset button
looking for an exit strategy.
Looking at yourself
finding yourself wanting


It’s National Poetry Day here in the UK, this year the theme is vision, hence my look back on this strange year.

The Truth is Out There

Something was gnawing away at me
something long-forgotten now returned,
demanding my attention as it
dug its way out of the dark hiding place
I thought it would never escape from.
So it was free at last,
free to demand answers from me,
free to demand the truth.

I had no idea where to begin to look so
I stared at the television news until I nearly went blind
flicked through the daily papers until my fingers were stained black
and trawled social media until my phone and will to live nearly died.
But none of these contained the truth and probably never did.

So I re-read the incomplete chapters of the book I had tried hard to write,
examined the scruffy lines of poetry I had set aside
then looked hard at myself in the mirror.
I asked my reflection. “Where is the truth?”

My reflection stared back at me
then said. “You do realise you know where the truth is.
It’s still exactly where you buried it,
I know I helped dig the hole
and we both knew this day would come,
when you would ask me where the truth was.
But don’t you remember,
you made me swear on my life,
that I should never tell you.”

Change can’t come too soon

I met a homeless man while I walked home through town last week,
I listened while he told me of his daily struggle to survive on the street.
I heard how he lost his job, his house, his family and his dignity,
Now he’s just one more lost soul in this soulless city.
He said he didn’t know any easy fix or change this country could try,
And as I parted company with him I realised that neither did I.


National Poetry Day is tomorrow, here’s all you need to know

It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow and if you’re a poet or interested in taking part it’s very easy to join in.

Each National Poetry Day has a theme and this years is change. So why not share a poem you’ve written on the theme or write a brand new one, even if you don’t fancy putting pen to paper you can still share a poem on change from your favourite poet.

Where can you do the sharing? Well if you have a blog you could use that, National Poetry Day are on Twitter and Facebook, so if you share there be sure to tag them in and use the hashtag #nationalpoetryday.

If you want to know more why not check out the National Poetry Day website here, its packed full of resources and ideas.


It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow, here’s how you can join in.

On September 28th National Poetry Day is taking place and if you’re a poet you’re certainly want to know how to get involved.

Taking part is as simple or complicated as you want it to be. The theme for this years day is Freedom, simply share a poem with this theme on September 28th and you have done your part. If you want to go one step further here’s some ideas, you could organise a poetry reading of as many people as you want, leave your poems on a bus for all to enjoy or share your love of words with your work colleagues. The choice is yours.

The National Poetry Day website has a ton of free resources and information you might find useful, just click here to see them.

I’ll be celebrating with a poem and I’m also hosting a National Poetry Day Open mic on September 30th at my local bookshop Southcart Books, full details here.

Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the day, here’s some links to my previous National Poetry Day poems.

My 2015 poem on the theme of light.

My 2016 poem on the theme of messages.

A poem for National Poetry Day – A Message of Apology to my old English Teacher


In the spirit of the theme of National Poetry Day, messages, here’s an apologetic message to my old English Literature teacher.

Dear Mrs Green

28 years later I’ve decided to write to you,
To apologise for my behaviour in your English Lit class.
I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to your lessons,
It’s no wonder my A-Level I didn’t pass.

I’m sorry for being uncooperative and disruptive,
You see I thought poetry was boring.
But it was rude of me to disturb your lesson,
With my sarcasm and pretend snoring.

I have prepared a poor defence, my age,
Because when you’re sixteen years old.
You think the world owes you a living,
You don’t listen or do what you’re told.

But something you told me must have stuck,
I wonder what it was that you said.
That made a long-lasting impression,
So some of your lesson stayed in my head.

Because as you read my letter,
You can’t really fail to see.
That despite my youthful protestations,
I’ve now embraced poetry.

So if you haven’t now fainted,
Or dropped down dead from shock.
I’d like to at last thank you,
Before I put my pen down and sign off.

You see I think if it wasn’t for your persistence,
In trying your hardest to educate me.
Then perhaps I would never have found,
That I did actually love poetry.


My other Message for National Poetry Day can be found here

Here’s my poem from last year for National Poetry Day


A poem for National Poetry Day – Secret Messages


Painted boldly on a cave wall,
Or part glimpsed on a dusty floor.
Downloaded on to a phone,
Carved in runes on an ancient bone.
The first line in a well-thumbed book
A stranger’s quizzical look.
The sharp refrain of an early bird,
A tricky clue in a cryptic crossword.
Ripples appearing on a pond,
Lyrics hidden in a favourite song.
The raising of an eyebrow
Heartfelt words in a wedding vow.
Shapes formed in tea leaves,
Sounds carried on the breeze.
A landlord’s urgent call of time
A much-loved poem’s last line.


It’s National Poetry Day tomorrow, here’s how to get involved


Tomorrow, Thursday 6th October is National Poetry Day and it’s dead easy to get involved, here’s how.

The theme of the day is messages, so why not send a poetic message via Twitter, Facebook, your blog or whatever way you see fit.

Stuck for ideas, check out the National Poetry Day website here. You can also use the site to find events related to the day near you and a whole host of great poetry related resources.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalPoetryDay if you share your message and follow National Poetry Day on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up with the fun during the day.

I’ll be joining in just like I did last year when the theme was light.

So comeback tomorrow for National Poetry Day and don’t forget to share your messages.


A poem for National Poetry Day – Let there be Light


Let there be Light 2

It’s National Poetry Day today and here is my contribution using the theme of light.

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It’s great to share and if you have enjoyed this poem why not share it with your fellow poets or friends. I don’t mind in fact I encourage sharing on Facebook, Twitter or where ever you fancy – just use the buttons below – all I ask is you please credit this site when you do so. Thank you.