How the Pigeon Lost its Leg – A Modern Just So Story

One Legged Pigeon

Tap, hop, tap, hop
What’s coming down the street?
Tap, hop, hop, tap,
What’s that at your feet?

Look down, it’s a one-legged pigeon
It seems so calm and serene.
As it hops down the street,
Pausing only to have a preen.

They’re slow those one-legged pigeons,
They don’t seem to rush or fuss.
Which is why you often sadly hear a pop,
As one gets squashed by a bus.

I imagine them as pigeon like pirates
Feathery Long John Silvers true.
Pecking at edible pieces of eight,
Stuck in last nights cold tramp’s spew.

You might feel sorry for these pigeons,
When you find out how they lost a leg.
It’s so amazingly bizarre,
What goes on in bird-brained heads.

You see if a pigeon lands
On something that is sticky.
It finds when it wants to leave,
That flying has become tricky.

Unperturbed the pigeon soars away
Nothing at all on its mind.
Never ever realising that,
It’s left one of its legs behind.

So that is how you end up,
With a one-legged pigeon so absurd.
It’s just litter from us stupid humans,
Plus a bloody stupid bird.

The original Just So stories were written by Rudyard Kipling, they are tales of how today’s animals came to look like they do. Read more here.