The Christmas Radio Times

2015 christmas radio times

Your Christmas telly viewing cannot be planned,
If you do not have to hand.
That festive TV listing magazine most sublime,
The almighty Christmas Radio Times.

As soon as this marvelous seasonal tome,
Lands on the doormat of your home.
Any Christmas jobs are left for later,
As you scramble quickly for pen and paper.

Then you sit reverently with the Radio Times,
While from cover to cover its contents you scrutinise.
Ever keen to get your seasonal TV schedule ready,
So you can program it all into your telly.

Later when you have given the Radio Times its last look,
Then like a treasured religious book.
You place it with pride beside your TV,
Displayed majestically for all to see.

Sadly because of my love for the Christmas Radio Times,
Advertising watchdogs don’t like this poem’s lines.
Their lawyers have told me it would be advisable,
If I reminded you other festive listing magazines are available.

Merry Christmas to all and thanks to supporting the site.