Starting School, daughter inspired poetry day 1.

It’s been a busy week here with the promise of it only going to get busier because today my daughter started school and next week she is four years old.

My daughter as well as being the light of my life and a constant bringer of joy has also inspired a fair few poems some of which I’m going to share with you over the next few days.

Lets start with one written shortly after she was born


I think about our future.
As I wrestle you into your vest,
Will we be battling some more?
Will I be allowed a short rest?
Will your octopus like wriggles,
That throw off  the bedclothes.
Turn into octopus twists of logic,
Bringing us to mental blows.
How can I say no to a tattoo,
When I have two of my own.
Will it break my heart as well,
If that boy never phones ?
Can I be the cool father ?
The one kids all thinks great.
The one who buys you beer,
And lets you stop up late.
I think about our future,
As I wrestle you into your vest.
As long as I spend it with you,
I don’t care if I never rest.


If you enjoyed that heres a few more daughter related poems and I will try and post another tomorrow.


portrait of my daughter at nearly three years old

the sheet