Poetry Meltdown

The sun has melted all of my poetry
Which now drips and runs
into misshapen puddles.

While I contemplate the idea of
reaching for my pen.

Then decide the
sweaty trickle of an idea
isn’t worth the effort today.

Summer Smile

summer sun

You smiled at me in the summer,
I remember the warmth of your look.
Passion it seemed was in bloom,
As my heart you took.

You smiled at me in the autumn,
A look that blew me away.
Part of me seemed to wither,
My heart started to decay.

You smiled at me in the winter,
A harsh look that wouldn’t yield.
Your cold snap seized me,
My heart with ice was filled.

You smiled at me in the spring,
A fresh look blossoming on your face.
Our cycle begins again,
My heart refreshed awakes.



Spring Weather

Like a well-executed bomber raid,
The clouds take up formation.
Emptying their sudden barrage,
On unsuspecting sun worshippers.

Who panicked scatter for cover,
Desperately seeking any shelter.
Condemning sausages to a fiery demise,
Blackening on discarded barbeques.

All hopes of a break in the raid,
Vanish when the last sunbeam fades.
As a second wave of clouds soar in,
To continue this stormy onslaught.

Unconcerned cats curl under shrubs,
Ignoring the torrential torrent.
Paws trembling as they dream,
Eagerly awaiting the early bird.

Spring has Sprung.

There’s a damp freshness in the air
The street looks like it’s all new
Lawns sparkle and gutters trickle
Trees glisten with the dew.
I survey the sites that looks changed
Pause and take a breath of fresh air
Then stride briskly off to work
Feeling slightly devil-may-care.
Jaunty feet step carefully
Over the slugs and snails
As they slowly seek dry ground
But sadly all to no avail.
Jump the puddle in the road
Avoid the gutter’s growing stream
Something infectious is in the air
Even the litter looks clean.

I’ve dug this poem out of the archives as I have been spending too much time trying to get my new smart phone to work to be able to put pen to paper.  With the current varied spring weather it also seems an apt choice !