The Brook

We have all travelled far to get here to
this place of straight routes and regimented trees,
this place where you greeted us by
vainly trying to tame our twisting path
with your solid stones placed around and over us.
We laugh at this futility as we flow forward,
while our many mouths froth
chewing on muddy banks
tearing down plants
root by branch by twig.
Our chatter attracts inquisitive beaks
seeking what’s hidden in our silt,
muddying our clear surface
releasing flotsam from its sediment prison
that bobs and clogs as we push it along
that impedes and interferes as we try to wash it aside,
but nothing can stop us,
not even the teasing chill of
winter’s freezing breath.
So we must push on
thank you for listening to
our story, we are sorry
we cannot stop
and listen to yours.

Even butterflies want to be famous for fifteen minutes nowadays

Butterflies flash mob thistles, uncaring
of the lurking poetry paparazzi.
They pretend they don’t want to be snapped
but land close to brandished phones
flirtatiously flapping scarlet wings,
flitting from plant to leaf always
making sure their best side is showing.
Briefly famous for a day.


I went to a great poetry workshop walking around Walsall Arboretum led by David Calcutt, where not only was I lucky enough to snap the photo above but I also managed a poem out of it!

Down by the Arboretum Lake

Down by the lake’s shore,
Where its waters calmly lap.
Nature holds its court,
Among the green muddy banks.

Ducks waddle and dip their toes,
Trees bend and reach.
Geese strike a yoga pose,
Among the willows and beech.

Swans both big and small
Across the lake elegantly glide.
While among the rushes tall,
Nests with cygnets hide.

The lake is a place to pause,
To embrace nature’s calming effect.
A green kingdom with no flaws,
For all to stop, enjoy and reflect.

Spring Thoughts

Spring in Walsall Arboretum

Here’s a couple of quick verses on spring.

A Short Spring Poem

Today I think I will put away my winter coat,
I think spring’s here, it feels less cool.
So hopefully tomorrow when I wear shorts,
My knees won’t freeze and turn blue.


Spring Surprise

Spring has sprung out from hiding,
Giving me a terrible shock.
My sweat drips through my winter woollies,
Filling my wellies drop by drop.

Needless to say we’ve had another cold snap here since the nice weather at the weekend but I remain optimistic spring is nearly here!