All about Richard Archer

Richard Archer is a poet and performer from Walsall. He has published five books of poetry Beer Froth, Poems on the Bus, Creative Waste, A Pigeon Among the Cats and Irritable Vowel Syndrome. He has also compiled and edited three collections of poetry, Diverse Verse 1, 2 and 3, it featured poets from his home town and beyond and was sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He is former chairman of the Walsall Poetry Society and former chairman of the Birmingham Stanza Poetry group and one of the organisers of the Freeverse Poetry Festival.

As well as appearing on TV and radio, Richard has appeared at poetry events and festivals across the West Midlands and beyond, from the Birmingham Verve Poetry Festival to the Cannock Fringe Festival and recently the BBC Poetry Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Richard has also written poems to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Walsall Art Gallery’s permanent collection and performed his work there, as well as appearing at Love Music Hate Racism events.

From Black Napkin Press, the Theatre Cloud, Burdizzo bards, WEbook, Fly on the Wall Poetry Press and Fair Acre Press to his own blog, Richard’s poetry has been featured on websites and in publications around the world. In addition to all this Richard has had his poems turned into songs, featured in a horror film and turned into a comic strip.

Waiting to perform at the BBC Poetry Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

At the Cannock Fringe Festival

This video is of me performing my poem “Marmite Covered Jelly Babies,” at Walsall Library, for the Walsall Festival 2015.

This video is of me performing my poem “The ABC Cinema,”at Walsall Library, for the Walsall Festival 2015.

Here I am performing at the Verve Poetry Festival

All work on this site copyright Richard Archer.

7 thoughts on “All about Richard Archer

  1. Hi Richard, I like your site, and thank you for adding my quote, I wasn’t sure what you thought of my review. Your poetry is really good and I love works that make me feel. If it doesn’t then I can’t review it. I won’t give a bad review, if I can’t give a good or satisfactory one, then I won’t give one at all. As a fellow writer, I know how much work goes into a book and yours is no exception. I am glad the Walsall Poetry Society has inspired you, you all inspire me too, in fact, I would go as far to say that we all inspire each other. It just goes to show how much good an organisation like the WPS can do for writers and aspiring writers. You should be proud of yourself, I know I am.

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    • Thank you all reviews are good if they help the writer and drive them on to better work. I’m glad you like the site it’s taken a lot of work over a few years so I’m quite proud of it. Hope one day to be able to review a book of your poems which I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only person to enjoy


      • Thank you, as soon as I have my poems published in an anthology, you will be one of the first to know.

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