Overcast but not out

It’s overcast at the seaside again today but I refuse to write about such an easy target after all I’m on holiday and anyway we’ve just visited the national trust property A la ronde .

Now for those who think visiting stately homes is a bit stuffy or the hobby of pensioners I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, A la ronde has a very interesting history and if you are in this area of the country I would certainly recommend a visit.

What got my interest most though was I set out with the specific purpose of writing a poem about the house and it’s history, no getting distracted by the journey or the weather. This idea was made doubly hard as last night in the local pub eating our tea we were treated to the poetry inspiring sight of a stretch limo off loading a hoard of children who along with their harassed moms invaded the pub for their tea. But I put aside any poetical social commentary and instead wrote this poem instead…

Around A la ronde

In 1796
2 spinsters
Built 1 house
With 16 sides.

Highlights include
The shell gallery
” a fragile jewel ”
And a wet walk.

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