New Year’s Resolution

New years resolution

It’s certainly been a busy year,
Let me tell you.
It seems there’s been no end,
To all the people I’ve spoken to.
I’ve philosophised with wise men,
I’ve lectured fools.
I’ve taught teachers,
I’ve debated with schools.
I’ve supported the depressed,
I’ve argued with drunks.
I’ve questioned the sober,
I’ve disagreed with monks.
I’ve praised the famous,
I’ve begged a billionaire.
I’ve criticised the ugly,
I’ve chatted up the fair.
I’ve railed at the angry,
I’ve bet with gamers.
I’ve moaned at the critical
I’ve shouted at my neighbours.
And yet after all this
I still feel something’s missing.
Perhaps next year,
I just ought to listen.

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