Baby Gym – daughter inspired poetry day 3.

Welcome to the third and final day of looking at my poetry that has been inspired by my daughter.

Now you may have noticed an underlying theme of worry in the posts of the last two days, while I feel that is a natural state for parents I wanted to end the week with something a bit more upbeat so here is a poem I wrote probably around the time my daughter was six months old.

If you’re feeling down or low,
If you’re feeling quite depressed.
Don’t write your life clean off,
It’s easy to cure your stress.
Put a baby in a jungle gym,
Watch them bounce up and down.
Put a baby in a jungle gym,
And play its tunes and sounds.
Then as the baby enjoys themselves,
As they smile and gyrate.
You realise it’s simple pleasures,
That can make any blues evaporate.

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