A Town without Pity

In a town without pity
There’s a barman always bitter.
As its said there’s a hole
Where his soul used to be.

And it’s quietly spoken
That his bar will never open.
As no one can afford the price
The barman has set.

And there on the door its pinned
The bars prices for a drink.
And they all cost
An hour of true love.

And all the angels on the pins
Have bought an end to dancing.
As a protest that the bar
Has shut it’s doors.

And at them the barman laughs
Cos he has done the math.
And he knows someone
Somewhere has some love.

But this way they never pass
So the barman just wipes a glass.
As a silent tear fills
The corner of his eye.

But here’s the curious fact
True love has been and passed
They at the time just
Never felt thirsty.






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